Recruitment Activities: A Building Block To Company Success

Recruitment Activities: A Building Block To Company Success

Recruiting is one of the core activities in every company: recruiting. Not only your products and your brands make up a part of your company’s success, but the majority of your value creation and your company image is shaped by your employees. Recruiting with its staffing measures represents an interface to the outside world with which you want to attract top talent and highly qualified professionals who will drive your company forward. Therefore, recruitment measures should be aligned with the greatest possible success.


The Job Posting Is The First Step

Regardless of which specific recruitment measures you have in mind, you should always start with a meaningful job description. However, meaningful does not mean that every little detail of the intended activities is listed in lengthy lists. A list of 5 key points is absolutely sufficient. Also, only the most important characteristics should be mentioned in the requirements profile. Your company profile should focus on values and corporate culture. Likewise, you should advertise perks that your company can provide. Most important, however, is a job title that everyone can relate to, or at least that your target group can relate to. Wording that is too exotic can be confusing. Once the job posting is ready, different recruitment measures can come into play.


Internal Recruitment Activities

In the case of internal recruitment activities, the position to be filled is advertised, for example, by a notice on the bulletin board or an announcement on the intranet. However, an employee can also be placed in the relevant position directly through an internal transfer. From a long-term perspective, internal recruitment measures also include the promotion and further training of employees with a view to a specific position. In principle, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in the case of internal employee acquisition. These are:


  • The recruiting process is more efficient, with significantly lower costs and less time spent.
  • The training period is shortened because the employee already knows your company.
  • The risk of a wrong appointment is lower, because the employee is already known.
  • You increase the motivation of your employees because they see that there are internal opportunities for promotion.
  • The internal salary structure is not strained.


Of course, there is also an obvious disadvantage to internal recruitment. Namely, because a ring replacement is extremely rare, you inevitably create a “hole migration.” The vacated position has to be refilled, and at some point external recruitment is necessary.

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External Recruitment Activities

External recruitment measures are aimed at the open labor market. This is addressed with a wide variety of approaches.


  • There are classic job advertisements, for example via print media.
  • But there are also e-recruiting measures in which the job advertisement is publicized via your company website, social media channels, online job exchanges or mobile recruiting.
  • In addition, you can also involve your employees and pay bonuses for successful referrals from their circle of acquaintances.
  • There is also the option of participating in job fairs or similar career events. This includes, for example, setting up an HR corner if you are represented with your company at a trade fair.
  • You can use external employment agencies. These include the employment agency as well as professional personnel consultants or headhunters.
  • To bridge short-term bottlenecks, measures such as temporary employment are also available.
  • A so-called passive external recruitment measure is the maintenance of a talent pool, into which you enter incoming unsolicited applications and to which you can fall back if necessary.
  • Similar to the talent pool, you can also make use of AI-supported recruiting software that gives you access to thousands of possible applicant profiles in the shortest possible time and offers you matches to your advertised position in a matter of minutes.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of External Recruitment Activities

External recruiting does have some advantages:


  • The fresh-eye principle takes effect. Experience from outside allows an unbiased view of internal processes and reduces operational blindness.
  • The know-how is expanded and new impulses come into your company.
  • Training costs can be minimized, as employees with the required knowledge can be recruited in a targeted manner.


A disadvantage that can never be ruled out with external recruitment measures is the risk of miscasting. In addition, external employee acquisition is usually very time-consuming and cost-intensive. But there are ways to counter this second disadvantage in particular.


AI Recruiting Software Reduces Effort From External Recruiting

Especially on the topic of AI-based recruiting software, the time and cost disadvantage can be effectively combated. The match results of AI-based recruiting software, which are available within minutes, eliminate high advertising costs and save a lot of time in the tedious process of sorting out unsuitable applicants. This can reduce the cost of a traditional hiring process for highly qualified professionals and executives by up to 90%. Contact us for more information and book a consultation appointment directly.

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