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Here you can find a small excerpt of articles published in the media about, the app to recognize your true market value.

New Conditions On The Labor Market Due To AI

Well-educated “baby boomers” are increasingly retiring, resulting in a lack of employees. Many IT specialists are needed to help shape the digital transformation in companies. Artificial intelligence is being used for this purpose.


AI Companies From The DACH Region Do Not Have To Hide From ChatGPT

Behind is a completely new AI-based salary and career guide that takes into account not only the pure “work value” but also other skills of the jobseeker, such as language skills, degree of resilience and the like.

Forbes Matches Companies And Talents

As a rule, you know what your best friend earns. However, what is much more decisive for one’s own market value is what one’s professional colleague gets in the bank account at the end of the month. Here, the amount of the salary is still a social taboo. does away with this and offers a salary comparison – including a career booster.

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AI: Who Has What It Takes To Be The Next ChatGPT?

Following the release of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is also really taking off in Germany in 2023. Smart tools are coming into their own in the corporate environment in particular. The developers often come from the DACH region – an overview of four smart ideas and the companies behind them.

StartingUp Transparent Labor Market Through AI

How can the search for a new job or qualified specialists be made more timely, faster and more transparent? What does it take for companies and skilled workers to find each other easily and at eye level? The answer is open communication and comprehensive information, also with regard to salary. AI technology has the potential to become a game changer in the labor market.


Podcast: Salary Is Not a Taboo Topic! – Salary Visionary And CEO In Talk

Our CEO & Founder Pirathipan Nanthakumar talks with Allan Grap in the current podcast at Extrameile on the topic of salary is not a taboo subject! In episode 23, the salary visionary and CEO of talks about his mission to establish an open dialogue on the topic of salary in our society. Our CEO and founder shares his experiences on these and many other exciting questions.

Allgemeine Zeitung

Innovative Concept For Greater Labor Market Transparency

A shortage of skilled workers on the one hand and numerous vacancies in companies on the other make the challenge clear: the highly qualified experts and the many employers do not really find each other. Job matching is further complicated by one fact. Many HR departments assume that they are the only ones who can realistically assess the value of a particular position. Thanks to modern, AI-based technology, there are solutions that can also lead to a rethinking of the labor market.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

AI-based Salary And Career Coach

The labor market has changed significantly and has become an employee market due to many vacancies in companies and a simultaneous decline in the number of skilled workers. However, there is still a strange atmosphere in negotiations about hiring, caused by the fact that the recruiter is the only one who believes he knows the value of the position to be filled. Modern technology encourages a change in thinking and reveals new possibilities for the labor market.


How AI Is Revolutionizing The Salary And Career Market

The demand market has long since become a supply market. In the face of the increasingly severe shortage of skilled workers, employees have taken over the reins on the German labor market. They determine the music to which the bosses are allowed to dance.


AI-based Salary And Career Coach

In Germany, the motto “you don’t talk about money, you have money” applies. Far too often, open discussions about one’s own salary fall victim to this motto. Yet it would be important for companies and job seekers to know what a particular job is worth.

People Talk About The Salary … Very Much So!

Salary is still a taboo subject in Germany. The lack of transparency, however, means that many applicants don’t know their true value – but also that companies looking for personnel are often in the dark. An AI-driven career and salary guide now wants to put an end to this.


Market Value Calculation And AI-based Recruiting – Efficiency For Companies And Talents

If you are a job seeker that is looking for a new job or a company looking for suitable applicants, you are faced with a problem. You are either spoiled for choice due to countless job offers or, due to the prevailing shortage of really skilled workers, you are faced with the difficult task of finding talent that meets the requirements of the advertised position.


Just Get Started, Everything Else Will Happen Along The Way helps you determine your salary value based on various parameters, including your work history, skills and qualifications. In addition, with the help of numerous other user data, you can discuss which further steps can increase your market value. In this way, you can find out what salary value you can quote in a job interview or for an annual salary increase.

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Transparent wages? Why Salary Remains A Taboo Subject In Germany helps you to determine your salary value based on important parameters such as professional history, skills and qualifications. With the help of other users’ data, you can see which further steps can increase your market value. In this way, you learn what salary value you can quote in job interviews and in other salary negotiation discussions.