How Much Do The Coaching Costs Actually Amount To?

How Much Do The Coaching Costs Actually Amount To?

Choosing the right coaching for you also raises the question of how much you are willing to spend on coaching costs. The price or the fee of a coach can vary significantly. Here you can find out not only how much coaching can cost, but also why it might be interesting for you. It is worth investing in your own career.


How Much Does A Coaching Cost?

You will not find a flat price. There are considerable differences in the fee per hour. For example, 1 to 2 hours per session can cost around 200 to 700 euros, plus expenses and sales tax. According to a fee and salary study, the average price per hour was 168 euros.

In addition, there is a clear price differential depending on the type of provider:

  • Institutional providers cost an average of 226 euros per hour.
  • The coaching costs for a freelancer amount to around 173 euros.
  • Part-time coaches charge about 120 euros.

It is best to get all the information about price and scope directly from the various coaches. Also ask friends, acquaintances or work colleagues who have already enjoyed something like this, what coaching costs they had to pay and which coach they recommend.


What Is The Composition Of The Coaching Costs?

The following points significantly influence the price.

  • Qualification, experience and specialization
  • Target group
  • Company or private client
  • Scope of the coaching
  • Team or individual coaching
  • Form of organization of the coach (e.g. freelance, employed, etc.)
  • Place of the coaching

Clarify your requirements in advance. Note that individual sessions often cost more than sessions with multiple participants. Scope and time also have an influence on the coaching costs. Depending on your choice, you can certainly save one or the other Euro.

Are the coaching costs too high for you? Before you switch off now, think about the following areas and aspects.


Why Is Coaching Worthwhile?

Participating in coaching has a positive impact on you in many ways. In the career-oriented coaching sessions, the participating clients are helped to increase their collective and individual performance and learning processes, to recognize and clearly define goals. You learn how to gain more authority, assertiveness and decision-making skills.

A coach gives you feedback on your current position and your existing skills. With the help of important guiding questions, you will independently find solutions that you can apply to your everyday job or with which you can achieve your personal or professional goals.

You will find out which skills you still need to work on or which challenges are still waiting for you. Depending on which organization or coach you choose, you may even be referred directly to a potential employer who appreciates your market value.

The amount of benefits and opportunities you gain are well worth the coaching costs.


Who Needs Coaching?

As a rule, anyone who wants to develop professionally or change something can benefit from business coaching. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, employee or a successful executive.

Many people who opt for business coaching are often in one of the following professional phases:

  • Career starters and returners
  • In mid-life: The desire for change, new challenges or even a reorientation is strongly represented. Partly of their own volition or justified by a layoff or other crisis.
  • Transition to retirement

You find out where you stand in your professional life, what your market value is and what you can do to reach the next level towards your desired position. At the same time, you can use this tool to clarify an acute problem, a conflict or an important life or career issue.


Justified Coaching Costs: Which Coach Suits Me?

Not only the gut feeling and the chemistry between you and your coach should fit. The professionalism and qualifications of a coach also play a role. This is the only way to ensure that you get your money’s worth out of coaching.

The following criteria will help you find the right coach:

  • There is a well-founded and professional coaching education.
  • Your coach regularly educates himself/herself and allows him/herself to be coached.
  • Your coach stands behind what is taught.
  • He is a member of a coaching professional association such as DBVC, DVC, ICF.
  • The coach has PCC or Senior Coach certifications.

Often you can tell after a free initial meeting if it is a good fit. Afterwards, the general conditions should be clear to you, such as the procedure, the amount of the coaching costs and further agreements.

By the way, an alternative to the real thing is a digital coach. Career Advisor – Useful Coach Or Just A Nice Tool?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and is also being used successfully in the field of coaching. You can find something like this at With the help of the Career Advisor, you can find out whether you are being paid appropriately for your performance compared to others with the same qualifications. If this is not the case, you can start the next salary negotiation with more self-confidence or look for a job that pays you according to your value.

At the same time, the Career Advisor tells you which skills might still be missing for your dream position and suggests concrete steps on how to achieve them. With the help of digital support, you can certainly save a few meetings or one or two appointments and thus also coaching costs.

By the way, also offers valuable tools for the recruiting process of new employees for businesses.


When Coaching Costs Are Right

How high the coaching costs ultimately turn out on your bill, you can partly influence yourself. Carry out a proper comparison of coaching and coaches. Be clear what your goal is. One more thing: No matter how many appointments you want to take, a professional coaching will bring you further in your career. The coaching costs pay off. You will see!

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