For Businesses

Find qualified candidates quickly and cost-effectively

For Businesses

Find qualified candidates quickly and cost-effectively

Hire The Right Employees With Fast And Reliable AI Recruiting

That amount is equivalent to 6 weeks of pay for a $15 per hour job. For notable organizations and high ranking positions the amount continues to increase.

Why gamble on hiring the wrong employees? offers companies an AI-based solution that lets you hire just the right candidate for your job within a matter of minutes!

Our promise: Where other providers need weeks or even months, delivers exactly the right candidate for your job within minutes! offers a time friendly and cost effective alternative for HR’s. helps HRs and Organizations in automating the time-consuming, repetitive tasks associated with hiring. We match you with the right candidates based on your requirements such as salary, experience, skills and education.

Challenges Of Finding Qualified Employees

With classic means, it now takes several months until you find a specialist for your company who fits exactly into your team and the job profile you are looking for.


  • Therefore, no longer rely on your job advertisement being found in job portals and career networks. With a portal that offers 1 million open jobs, your job is only one in a million.
  • Stop relying on the active applications you receive to find exactly the right candidate.
  • Do not rely on an expensive headhunter presenting you with a small selection that really contains exactly the right application match.

Find Your Perfect Candidate Quickly And Cost-Effectively With Smart Recruiter By

How do you get access to candidates who have built up excellent skills and extensive knowledge in their previous job in the IT industry, but who are still undecided about actively looking for a new challenge? How do you get access to the most promising talent who have just graduated from college or college?

It’s very simple: Search for yourself in a huge pool of potential specialists with the innovative Smart Recruiter by

The recruiting software with artificial intelligence (AI) is the ideal tool for you to identify the best and most suitable employees for your team.

Don’t let yourself be found, but become active and find your dream candidate yourself. This is possible with the recruiting software from


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AI-powered Recruiting: What Does That Mean?

Applicant profile and job profile must match. Intelligent recruiting software takes care of this comparison for you in a matter of minutes. You provide the job profile and at we have the database with several thousand applicants. Simply tell us the most important individual requirements for your position to be filled, such as salary, experience and skills. We can put you in touch with the best candidates for your job in no time at all.

    Your Benefits Of Using At A Glance

    With the AI-based recruiting software by you have the following advantages:


    • Fast access to several thousand applicant profiles
    • Automated matching process in minutes
    • Up to 90% cost savings compared to conventional recruiting processes
    • Support service by

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