Recruiting Apps: Job Boards On The Smartphone

Recruiting Apps: Job Boards On The Smartphone

Recruiting apps are revolutionizing the application process. This applies not only to the outdated application folder sent by mail, but also to online applications. An email application will soon probably no longer be the method of choice. As a recruiter, you should not disregard various recruiting apps when looking for talent for your company.


Why A Recruiting App?

Why a recruiting app when there are already job boards and job matchers? This question is justified, but also quite easy to answer. Young people in particular spend a lot of time on the Internet these days, and increasingly on their smartphones. And in the meantime, it’s not just social media like TikTok and Instagram that are being used (we’re not even talking about Facebook for young people anymore). No, important things in everyday life such as banking, shopping and car sharing are also being handled digitally. From the young people’s point of view, it therefore makes sense to also approach the job search with the smartphone. In a café, on the bus, in a lecture or on the train. As a recruiter, you have almost no choice but to adapt to this target group with a recruiting app.


The Special Features Of Recruiting Apps

Success models like to be copied. You may think what you want about Tinder, but it is definitely a successful model. And because the job search, or from your point of view the talent search, is also the search for the perfect match, the swipe to the right or left has also found its way into recruiting apps. Swiping right for an interesting job and left for an uninteresting job is a concept that has been adopted by apps like Truffls or Hokify. Many apps reflect the fast pace of our times, so a recruiting app like Truffls only makes sense for you if you have short decision-making paths in your company. It is best if you are the decision maker yourself. There are also recruiting apps like Talentcube, where an application video replaces the cover letter. In addition, digital application folders can be spiced up with videos there. These are formats that the TikTok- and Snapchat-savvy representatives of the younger generation feel very comfortable with. And even from a recruiter’s point of view, you have to admit that videos can be more authentic than cover letters.

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How Do Recruiting Apps Work?

In principle, a recruiting app is not handled much differently than a job board. Potential applicants enter their preferences for location, industry, etc. and can then display suitable job cards. Depending on the business model of the recruiting app, companies pay different amounts for posting the job card. There are different pricing models, for example, also for frequent users. When candidates want to apply to a job ad, the CV can be imported (for example, from Xing or LinkedIn, as a pdf or freshly created) and a few more questions usually need to be answered. And then the application is sent off. The practice that recruiting apps also store applicant profiles, just like job boards, is not adopted by all apps. But with the recruiting app Meetfrank, for example, companies can also search for suitable talent in applicant databases.


Always Stay Up To Date

As with job boards, as a recruiter you should make sure that the job ad is always up to date and familiarize yourself with the algorithms of the respective recruiting app or job board. There’s nothing wrong with regularly refreshing the ad’s posting date, because more recent ads appear higher up in search listings. Even if the ad is swiped left, at least it was seen. And that, after all, is what recruiting is all about. Only an ad that has been seen can result in an application.


Recruiting Apps: Keeping Up With The Times

Digitization is a megatrend. It cannot be stopped, and that is not even desirable. But it will ensure that things will always be in motion and that there will always be more efficient ways of finding each other. This also applies to human resources.

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