Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How does Slected salary comparison/value calculator feature work?

Slected.me helps you determine your salary value based on varied parameters that includes your professional career, skills and qualifications. Moreover, with the aid of countless user data available, you can also measure what other steps you can take to level up your market value. So, now you can find out what salary value you can use in a job interview, annual rise, or promotion discussion without any fear.

Is it safe to upload my resume on Slected.me?

Your privacy is our topmost priority! Your information and CV is only shared with the selected employers to whom you submitted your application. So, we assure you that storing your personal data on Slected is safe.

How can Slected.me career coach help me in my career growth?

On the basis of countless user data available on our website Slected.me compares your skills and qualification with other professionals in your field. Our AI based system will guide you regarding all the steps and skills you need for a successful career ahead.

Can everybody see my value on Slected.me?

At Slected.me, whether anyone else will be seeing your salary value or not is a matter of choice for you. You can turn your salary value to private mode at your own convenience.

Do I have to pay to sign up?

Slected.me is free of cost for people who are looking for great opportunities in different industries. However we do offer premium subscriptions so that you can add more value and avail our career coach.

Does Slected.me guarantee that I will be hired?

At Slected.me we do not guarantee job placement. We match and forward your resume and profile along with your salary expectation to the concerned recruiter and hiring will be managed by the employer directly.


How is Slected.me different from other places where I can post jobs?

Slected.me is an AI based innovative platform that saves you a lot of time and money that is spent in the usual recruitment process. Based on the salary, skills and experience data requirements we screen CVs and provide you with the right candidates to choose from.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any other queries please contact us! We’ll always try to help you as best we can! You can get in touch with us through contect form.: info@slected.me

Can I also use Slected.me for recruiting abroad?

Slected.me is available for worldwide audience but currently our data is based on German market only.