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Can A Talent Scout Work Remotely?

Can A Talent Scout Work Remotely?

What would it look like if a talent scout worked remotely? You, too, will have noticed during your time at Corona that many jobs can be done without having to be present at the company. Talent scouts need to be close to their candidates and applicants. How is it possible for a talent scout to work remotely under these circumstances?

What Does A Talent Scout Do?

There are more and more job ads for talent scouts that also offer remote options. Therefore, it is first worth taking a look at the job profile to assess how easy it is to combine the job of a talent scout with remote working. A talent scout performs recruiting tasks. In principle, he is the company’s first interface to suitable candidates and applicants. However, they are not limited to officially advertised positions, but should continuously maintain a pool of candidates that can be quickly accessed as needed. A talent scout does not just wait for applications, but actively scours career networks and job portals in search of suitable candidates for his company. He keeps in touch with potential candidates, supports managers with competent advice and ensures that reporting is always informative and up-to-date. Within the actual application process, he conducts initial selection interviews by telephone and also takes on the unpleasant tasks such as rejections.

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What Must A Talent Scout Be Able To Do?

The work of a talent scout consists of research and communication, both of which can be done almost 100% remotely. In today’s world, the first steps of the application process have shifted more or less completely to the digital world. Online job portals, career networks, the career pages of most companies, all of these points of contact offer digital interfaces for candidates to submit their resumes or apply for open positions. The use of increasingly modern recruiting software, which more and more often also works with artificial intelligence, makes the workplace even more digital. For this, a talent scout needs affinity and must be able to proceed in a structured manner. He also needs outstanding skills in the area of communication. Communication doesn’t just mean that he conveys content in the form of advice. It also means that he takes in information during interviews, is able to listen, asks the right questions and can assess people. Seen in this light, a talent scout can almost be considered a social worker.

What Is A Talent Scout Missing For Remote Work?

In order to be able to work remotely, a talent scout nowadays has no restrictions in principle. Even reporting and conducting initial interviews can be done without having to be present in the company. With video conferencing, the talent scout has a remote tool at hand with which he can also see and evaluate the non-verbal messages of an applicant. A pure audio interview on the phone provides significantly less information than a video interview. Of course, many experts argue that nothing can replace getting to know someone in person, especially when it comes to personnel decisions. But at the end of the day, the final decision is not usually made immediately after the first interview. The talent scout only acts as an initial filter and recommends which interesting candidates are invited to follow-up interviews. And by the second or third interview at the latest, the talent scout is no longer working remotely, but is accompanied by a decision-maker.

In Principle, A talent Scout Can Work Almost 100% Remotely

As said before, more and more job offers for talent scouts include remote options. And the blessings of technology make it possible for almost the entire talent scout job profile to be fulfilled remotely. Sometimes, however, a presence at the company is not entirely essential. But then it often revolves around issues that have less to do with the talent scout’s job description. Then, for example, it’s about negotiating one’s own salary increase.

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