Recruitment Channels: The 5 Individual Steps In Attracting Top Talent

Recruitment Channels: The 5 Individual Steps In Attracting Top Talent

Recruiting channels must be followed in order to attract top talent and highly qualified professionals to your company. Especially in a small company, it may be that employees are responsible for recruiting who are not proven experts in this field. It is important not to make any mistakes in the individual recruitment channels in order to attract the best employees. Because for you as an entrepreneur, your employees are your most valuable asset.


Step 1: The Job Posting

If you have a vacant position to fill in your company, the first step is to create a meaningful job description. Regardless of how the subsequent recruitment channels are structured, you lay a decisive foundation here. Meaningful does not mean that every detail, no matter how unimportant, is prayed over in tedious lists. A list of 5 key points of the targeted activities is absolutely sufficient. It is also sufficient to mention only the most important knowledge and skills in the requirements profile.

The introduction of your company should be short and crisp and focus on the values and corporate culture. Likewise, you should advertise perks that your company can offer. Most important, however, is an understandable job title that immediately gives everyone a clear picture. Too exotic formulations can only confuse.


Step 2: The Announcement And Candidate Search

Depending on the procurement measure, the downstream recruitment channels are designed differently. The job advertisement must be publicized. Regardless of whether you go down the traditional route via print or online ads, it doesn’t mean you just sit back and wait for someone suitable to come forward. Always make sure your visibility is high.
For example, you can advertise in an online job portal. Or if you are at a trade fair with your company, you can set up an HR corner and advertise your vacancy very specifically. Because especially at a trade fair with a professional audience you can always count on meeting a good match. Also specialized headhunters are often industry-specific on the road, but usually quite expensive. A very good step on the recruitment path to a top talent is the use of AI-based recruiting software, where you can find matches to your open position from a huge pool of possible candidates in minutes.


Step 3: The Preselection

In the third step, the recruitment channels are still slightly diversified. Applications have arrived. Sometimes the documents are formatted differently and you need to standardize the information to compare them better. Here, too, the AI-supported recruiting software from, for example, offers significant time-saving advantages because you only need to work with concrete matches. In the other recruitment channels, you have to laboriously sort out unsuitable applicants.

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Step 4: The First Round Of Talks

The fourth step brings the recruitment channels together again. Personal interviews with potentially suitable applicants are scheduled. You should conduct three to five interviews in any case, even if the first applicant may already fully convince you. Remember, employees are your most valuable asset and if you take the utmost care in the recruitment process, it will pay off. You should conduct the interviews in such a way that you gain as comprehensive an impression of the candidates as possible. This includes knowledge and skills, of course. But soft issues such as personality, appearance and whether the candidate will fit into the team should also play a role in the assessment. And practical aspects such as availability and salary expectations should not be ignored, of course. After the interviews have been completed, a comparative analysis takes place and you determine the order of your favorites.


Step 5: Second Interview And Contract Negotiation

According to your favorite ranking, you invite for a second interview. Use the interview to possibly get in touch with other important employees who will have to work with the applicant later on. At the end of the interview, you enter the home stretch of the recruitment process. Either the salary is already negotiated here or concrete ideas are exchanged. If the ideas are not too far apart, an agreement can be reached afterwards. This may involve not only the salary alone, but also benefits of other kinds. After that, there is nothing standing in the way of signing a contract.


Between Starting Point And Destination Lie The Differences

Recruitment channels differ with regard to the individual recruitment measures, which in some cases require a different approach. But the starting point of the job description is initially the same for all recruitment channels and they converge again at the latest when the candidate interviews begin.

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