What Is A Job Platform?

What Is A Job Platform?

Job platforms, or job boards, must be distinguished from pure job search engines. The latter simply search the Internet for job advertisements and use company websites, career portals, and sometimes other job search engines and job boards. Job boards are characterized by the fact that they make job advertisements available and also manage them.


Job Platforms Offer More Services Than Job Search Engines

Job boards are an indispensable recruiting tool in today’s HR world. They make it easier for companies to search online for suitable employees and are also an extremely helpful tool for applicants because they can find many job offers from a wide range of companies there. In addition, they often offer you as an applicant the opportunity to generate an online CV and register in an applicant database. In this way, recruiters and employers, who are given access to this database by the job board – usually for a fee – can view your CV and contact you if necessary. Job boards thus work in two directions. Applications for advertised positions are possible, but also recruitments on the part of the companies.


What Types Of Job Platforms Are There?

Job boards can be classified based on many criteria. The following characteristics are the most important.


Generalist Job Platforms

The generalists cover the widest possible range of job offers. All job categories, all industries and regions of a country are included. All companies and businesses generally have the opportunity to post their job ads there.


Specialized Job Platforms

Specialists set clearly defined priorities. Either only a specific industry is served, for example the chemical industry, the IT industry or finance and insurance, or there is a narrowing down to certain professional categories. These include, for example, assistance and office management or engineers. A specific career phase such as training or management can also be the focus, as can specific skills and qualifications. Of course, such criteria can also be combined, for example, managers in the automotive industry. The degree of specialization can vary greatly among the large number of existing job boards, so that sometimes only real niches are served.


Regional Job Platforms

Regional job boards only offer jobs from one or more selected regions. These can also be transnational and international job boards with a geographical focus.

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Differentiation Of Job Boards By Business Model

When a job board charges money for the use of its services, we are talking about commercial job boards. Money is usually charged for the publication of a job advertisement or for access to a candidate database. There are also additional services that job boards charge for, such as the placement of a company logo or the highlighting of a job ad through banner advertising. So-called freemium job boards offer some basic services free of charge and only charge for additional services. In such cases, however, an employer must be prepared for the fact that the job advertisement has to be entered into the online form by the employer himself. Some job boards also work on a success-based basis and charge their customers money according to the CPC model (cost per click). A small amount is charged for each click on the job offer. Non-commercial job boards provide their services free of charge, but typically expect users to take the initiative in entering, categorizing and maintaining job offers.


These Features Offer Job Platforms

The features and tools that you can work with on job boards are now also found more and more frequently on job search engines. However, they are usually more sophisticated on job boards.

  • To find a suitable job ad, you usually use filters. You can specify certain key characteristics such as the location, career level, industry or keywords from the job title and filter even more specifically after the preselection.
  • The email service saves you a lot of time. Once you have defined and saved your search criteria, new job offers are scanned and you receive relevant results by e-mail. This saves you having to repeat your search every day and update your filters.
  • By creating a profile with the job board, you can have the mentioned searches performed regularly, save interesting applications and apply from this profile. An important element is the uploading of a resume, with which you can be found by recruiters. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to apply directly to a job ad quickly and with one click.



What Job Boards Are There?

Job boards are a dime a dozen. The best-known generalist providers are StepStone and Monster. As specialized job boards, for example, Jobware (for specialists and executives) or yourfirm (only medium-sized businesses) have made a name for themselves. meinestadt.de is positioned throughout Germany, but has a regional focus. The career networks LinkedIn and Xing are on the move as social media, but they also have large job boards that headhunters particularly like to use. And of course, the job board of the Federal Employment Agency should not be forgotten. The very fact that every unemployed person and prospective employee has to register there guarantees the oldest of all Internet-based job boards a high reach.

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