The Job Matcher: An Intelligent Algorithm

The Job Matcher: An Intelligent Algorithm

You are a recruiter and want to quickly find the right person for a vacancy from a large number of potential candidates? Then a job matcher can help you. Similar to dating apps, a matching algorithm is also the tool of choice in recruiting when it comes to matchmaking.


What Is Job Matching?

In job matching, a match is sought. Match means it must fit. There is an open position that needs to be filled quickly, efficiently and appropriately. Usually there are many candidates who apply or are eligible. A job matcher is an algorithm that matches the requirements of the job and the competencies of the different candidates and determines a degree of match. The candidate or candidates with the highest match is the best job match. Of course, you should not leave the final decision about filling the job to the algorithm. Interviews with the candidates are still inevitable, but the job matching algorithm can do a lot of work for you in the pre-selection of candidates and filter out the potentially best candidates for you.


The Three Steps of Job Matching

Job matching is a process that can be roughly divided into three steps:


  1. Applicants and candidates must be recorded. They enter the most important information about their competencies, skills, qualifications and experience into the tool. They should also state their salary expectations and other basic data such as desired working hours, willingness to travel, etc. In the end, there is a meaningful applicant profile that the Job Matcher can work with.
  2. As a recruiter, you now provide the Job Matcher with the information about the position. You create a requirement profile about the activities to be performed and the desired qualifications. Don’t forget to include social benefits or company cars that your company can offer to the job holder.
  3. After that, the actual matching process starts. The Job Matcher searches the database for high matches between companies and candidates.

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The More The Job Matcher Knows, The More Accurate The Match Is

In today’s world, it is no longer only important to look at the content of the job and the salary. Many job seekers are looking for a meaningful job and also want a good working environment. That’s why some job matchers also ask applicants about their expectations on these topics, as well as the values that are important to them. On the other hand, companies should make it clear which values they stand for and in which areas they assume social responsibility. This makes it possible for the job matching algorithms to search even better for matches. Uses Artificial Intelligence And Job Matching Algorithms

The applicant profile and the job profile must therefore match. The intelligent recruiting software from ensures that the comparison can be made quickly. With it, the comparison takes place in a matter of minutes. As a recruiter, you provide the job profile and we at perform the job matching in a database with several thousand applicants. We only need the most important individual requirements for your vacant position, whereby of course: the more detailed, the better. With information about salary, desired work experience and required qualifications, we can match you with the best candidates for your advertised job in no time.

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