How And Where Do You Find Well Paid Jobs?

How And Where Do You Find Well Paid Jobs?

Admit it, you’re looking for a well-paying job too. Almost everyone is. Even though many people define other criteria for a great job – nice colleagues, exciting and fulfilling work, work-life balance – the salary remains one of the most important factors. But what are well-paid jobs anyway and how do you find them?


Some Statistics On Average Income

A first indication of a well-paid job is if your salary is above the average income. The average income should not be confused with the median income. The median income means that half of the earners are below it and the other half are above it.

An average income adds up all incomes and divides it by the number of earners. Since low incomes crowd the bottom of the scale and there is a spread of salaries toward the top, the average income is higher than the median income. Since few income millionaires raise the average, you can definitely already count yourself among the better half with the average income. Again, this effect is emphasized if only full-time jobs are considered, because full-time jobs are paid higher than part-time jobs.

For employees in full-time jobs, the average income was €3,957 gross. For men, the average was €4,146, and for women, €3,578 was on the pay slip. The average income is calculated without special payments such as Christmas or vacation bonuses. With an annual income of €60,000, you are already among the top 10% of all income earners in Germany.


What Industries Offer Well Paid Jobs?

In terms of full-time employment, the finance and insurance sector led the field in 2020 in terms of well-paid jobs. With an average gross monthly wage of €5,762 in Q4, the information and communications sector was relegated to second place. There, €5,427 was paid. Energy supply followed in third place with €5,246. In the midfield are some manufacturing industries and education and healthcare. And at the end of the scale, gastronomy came in at just €2,461, well behind transport and logistics at €3,292.


What Well Paid Jobs Are There For University Graduates?

For 2022, the prospects for university graduates are mixed. Well-paid jobs with the highest average starting salaries are in law and banking. Currently (2022), the figures for lawyers are around €61,000 in annual salary and for finance experts just under €54,000. By way of comparison, an IT specialist with three years of training can expect an annual salary of around €39,000.


What About Scattering?

The spread in starting salaries is, of course, huge. A well-paid job in Saxony-Anhalt is different from a well-paid job in Hamburg or Hesse. Whether you get a job at a medium-sized company or at a large corporation also plays a decisive role.


Keeping Track Of Well Paid Jobs

In order to better orient yourself on the salary market, there is the smart Career Advisor by with the integrated salary comparison. You can generate valuable information from a large number of data records. How does your salary compare to similar jobs in your industry? Do you have a good paying job or is your actual market value higher than the amount you read on your pay slip at the end of the month? These questions can be easily answered with the tool and help you with your further career planning and the implementation of the next steps.


Finding Well Paid Jobs Requires Research

So before you start looking for well-paid jobs, you should first get clear about what a well-paid job is and where you fit in with a certain salary. Only if you have a clear idea about this, your search for a well-paid job will be crowned with success. The best and easiest way to do this is to use’s career guide, which you should try out right away.

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