Advice On Career Planning

Advice On Career Planning

SYou have already read about career development, career planning and strategic implementation in other articles, but what about sound advice? In the article on strategic career planning, we worked out that a feedback provider should provide this advice. But who is particularly well suited to provide career planning advice and what should such advice actually do? We want to shed light on this in this article.

Why Career Planning Advice?

Career planning advice is important so that your plans remain realistic. You must not build any lofty dream castles for your career planning, but rather define achievable goals. To do this, you need someone who can honestly and sometimes critically show you what you personally still need to work on. And even if you are still unsure about the direction of your career, a consultant can help you find your way by asking the right questions. A sparring partner is always useful when important issues need to be questioned and when the answers to pressing questions are not always clear. That’s why you need career planning advice.

Advice On Career Planning In Your Company

Several cases can be distinguished here. In the best case, you even work in a company where so-called development plans are the order of the day. This is nothing other than a career plan. You formulate it together with your boss and together you are also responsible for the control. Your boss can probably assess you and your competence as well as few other employees in the company. That is why he is a good advisor if he also acts as a promoter.

However, if you have to take your career planning into your own hands, then an experienced colleague can offer advice. They can act as a mentor and give you tips on what makes the company tick and what is particularly important to them. But of course the most important thing is that he shares his assessment of you, your skills and your plans with you. He can give you guidance especially if you are still uncertain about the direction of your career. If he is well-connected, he can put you in touch with people who can share their experience of different career paths with you.

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Advice On Career Planning Outside Your Company

In addition to the internal career planning consulting options mentioned above, an external coach can also help you. This may be particularly the case if you feel uncomfortable at your current employer, for whatever reason. In that case, a change of job might be on the agenda of your career planning, and an internal consulting is probably not as objective. Of course, a coach is an investment that needs to be well considered. Especially if you want to review your long-term career planning on a regular basis, this kind of consulting can cost a lot of money. But maybe you have someone in your circle of friends and family with whom you can regularly discuss the topic. There are also various AI-supported software offers that can take over at least part of the advice in your career planning.

Artificial Intelligence As Career Planning Advice?

AI has certainly not yet reached the point where it can fully take over the job of an experienced coach. But career planning also involves a few analytical things for which AI is virtually predestined. When it comes to self-perception and the perception of others, for example, you can use AI Coach to make a well-founded assessment of your skills and competencies. By comparing yourself with thousands of other profiles, you can determine relatively precisely where your current market value lies and where you still need to catch up in order to fulfill a certain job profile.

Career Planning Advice: Yes Or No?

Career planning really doesn’t work without advice. But the more concrete your ideas about your dream job are, the more likely it is that AI can take on the role of sparring partner. The analytical skills of AI Coach can even match you with open positions at various employers. But if you’re still in the middle of the orientation phase, a human sparring partner is probably the better alternative.

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